Twisted Electrons MegaFM vs Yamaha TX81Z

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For this YouTube video where I’m comparing the Twisted Electrons MegaFM head to head with the classic Yamaha TX81Z FM synthesizer, I created a preset in Midiflow on the iPad that translates the CC’s sent by the MegaFM into SysEx commands compatible with the TX81Z. Since both synths have a very similar structure the MegaFM works great as a controller for the TX81Z, and undoubtedly other 4op FM classics as well. A nice value add to the MegaFM if you, like me, happen to have one of the classics around and don’t wnat to spend on a dedicated controller or use a software editor.

Click the download button below to download the preset file for Midiflow. It’s free, but if you do find it useful, please consider using the paypal button below to buy me a virtual coffee to say thanks.

MegaFM2TX81Z.mflw (232 downloads)
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