Deep house hardware jam with Deluge, MegaFM, Acid8, Pulse2, Streichfett, Shruthi, Mbase11

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New melodic, deep jam, kind of synthwaveish, maybe? Using Synthstrom Deluge, Twisted Electrons MegaFM & Acid8 Mk2, Waldorf Pulse2 & Streichfett, MI Shruthi-1, Jomox MBase11 and Electrix Filter Queen.

This one again making use of the chord arpeggiator in the Micromonsta. Big lush sounds coming from the Pulse 2 and Streichfett. Dreamy chimes from the MegaFM and a nice overtone pluck sound from the Acid8 which as usual does best when not trying to sound one bit like a 303.

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